An Essay, 'A Return to the Memory of Decay', published on Versopolis

A contribution to John Ashbery's 90th celebration on 'Literary Hub'

from 'Decomposing Robert' on 'Adjacent Pineapple'

Interview with poet and performance artist Sophie Seita on 3AM Magazine

An essay, 'Surrealism and Contemporary Poetry'  published on Shuddhashar

'Big Brother's Little Brother' [on New Boots and Pantisocracies']

Collaboration with Andrew Taylor 'Warehouse Tapes' [on Otoliths]

Collaboration with Harry Man

'My Little (Turin) Pony'

Shortlisted for the Melita Hume Prize 2016

'In a Captive Audience of One' and 'Transcript' published at 'The Literateur'

'Secret Poetry: Northumbria Poetry Symposium 2016':  Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

Blackbox Manifold: 'Dust Bath'

'Mog on the Tyne' - On going to a Cat Cafe

Explorations 1

'Box 15' in  Butcher's Dog Issue 7

Eggbox: An Easter Play

English PEN

 The Eyewear Best New British & Irish Poets Anthology 2016  (the Anthology includes my poem 'Amer', originally published in Black Herald)

DATABLEED ZINE: sections from the sequence 'Light Noise'

Prose: 'The End'

A poem: 'Share if you Like'

Eyewear Press: 'Radiator'

A poem of mine on W.N. Herbert and Andy Jackson's New Boots and Pantisocracies Blog, 'The Poll'

Shortlisted for The Melita Hume Poetry Prize 2015 (EYEWEAR PRESS)

Black Herald: 'Amer' and the poem's French translation

Shadowtrain: 'AntiSamsara'

3 AM Magazine: 'Infectious Disease and Cattle', '1024 Farben', 'The Rosetta Limerick'

SJ Fowler's Camardefest 2014: collaboration with Vicky Sparrow

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