Monday, 17 September 2012

A Mollusc Poem and a Worthwhile Cautionary Epigraph

Notes (for a lecture)

'Academic humour is to humour what military intelligence is to intelligence' 

- David Bordwell

You are just a mole
Bumbling in the twilight
Of distraction.

And then, from the burrow,
That cozy darkened exile,
You are placed before a crowd.

Spectators bristle with attentive
Pads and pens for notes;
They want your worms.

You are asked to bring
The new worms forward,
From the soil of your search.

They want reasons, argument
And justification for the nature
Of your feeding habit.

What value does this have?
This jewel, this acorn,
This worm of yours?

You were only ever eating
Worms, face down in the dirt.
It was fun.

Now they are baying
For an answer:
Present yon grubby palms. 

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