Saturday, 26 September 2015

Memoirs of a Life Coach

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"Share if you like"

this year my personal development is growth,
I haven’t personally developed a growth
but I am every day growing
and I wanted to share that with u guys

like I used to ask myself why am I feeling like this
why am I so uncertain, so afraid, so negative
and then          something changed

I started sharing, like this I guess, with you guys and it is like
so much love or fulfilment
or nu-buddha-zen-transformational-potential and warm
like finding myself through sharing myself, like affirming
to validate like do u believe in karma, life
or like inspirational quotes

because the heart must be felt to be touched to be beautiful and if beautifully touched through feeling will make you strong and you are strong like destiny or a sunset or like saying perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we catch excellence and excel at sharing what was not exempt from being caught like seeing “I’m Possible” in “impossible” because nothing is, except for like forms of levitation and understanding whales

                                    but mainly success is like the soul when the soul succeeds in being soulful like Barry White but more internal and like if opportunity doesn’t knock build a door and if you cant build a door fashion a small opening from available materials and be resourceful, like use a window, because when it gets dark you are going to need light

you would be happy if you were less sad, and you have to share that, it’s precious like having the courage to love yourself, it’s not a career but when your career fails you must learn to love yourself, tho love should not be contingent on failure
it should always be there
                                                but if you fail to love that love and share it you will not experience the personal development that dreams the key to mindfully package how best to become motivational and wise and get a raise or a bonus or start keeping more house plants and breathing like your life depends on it

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