Sunday, 3 November 2013

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising – Kenneth Anger – renowned avant-garde filmmaker, occult Crowley enthusiast and author of the scandalous testament, Hollywood Babylon, Mr. Anger is unmistakably an intriguing fella. Scorpio Rising is largely comprised of leather-clad bikers tending to their bikes, looking at their bikes…and riding their bikes. Motorbikes that is…we aint talkin’ a quaint celebration of basket bearing, bicycles …nope, this is firmly rooted in the mythic fog of a James Dean drenched Americana. Featuring a continual jukebox soundtrack of 50s/60s pop, Anger creates a fetishistic collage of Nazi footage, Christian iconography, what looks like a masked orgy, comic strips, death, glamour and a compulsive slab of burly, bike riding, homoeroticism. 

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