Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wreck it Ralph

Wreck it Ralph -  Rich Moore (Walt Disney) -  Tapping into a strain of arcade gaming nostalgia and Nintendo ‘Bosses,’ this film has some witty nuances and entertaining sequences. Overall, however, it is let down by the capitulation of originality as far as characters are concerned. John C. Reilly voices the fat-fisted hulk with a heart; an archetypal bear-like benevolence trapped in the role of ‘baddie’ who reveals his syrupy goodness by befriending a plucky and precocious girl, voiced by Sarah Silverman. Inevitably the ‘nobility’ of the friendship becomes as grating as Silverman’s ‘lil cute rebel’ voice…. but it is essentially a kid’s film…so, you gotta pick your arguments, and I am not really the intended demographic here. All in all, fun and occasionally brilliant, but from an adult perspective, not in the same league as other classic or great animation features. 6.5/10


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