Sunday, 3 November 2013

Star Trek into Darkness

Star Trek into Darkness – J. J. Abrams – A fairly satisfying action, action, Action, ACTION Blockbuster…full of ACTION. Things moving quickly to get on-board bigger things moving even more quickly, while dialogue is quickly rushed into scenes that will quickly explode if we don’t – breathlessly – hurry on to the next quick thing. Visually impressive, if you are into bombastic and colourful sci-fi and with definite shades of the Star Wars franchise in its momentum and humour - which Abrams is now set to direct. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the renegade, evil ‘Khan’ with sufficient aplomb – pitched somewhere between a more athletic Snape and a less convincingly frightening Trent Reznor (from The Downward Spiral Days). Chris Pine plays ‘Kirk’ like an Aryan, all-American action man, Zacharcy quinto pretty much nails the ‘Spock-vibe’ and Simon Pegg visibly enjoys himself as ‘Scotty.’ One moment of incongruous underwear flashing aside (apparently it seemed necessary to get a shot of Alice Eve in bra and pants, despite its general unexpected irrelevanc and the fact that we hardly needed guidance on realising her already offensively good looks), it is an uncomplicated slab of FUN BLOCKBUSTING FUN…that moves quickly, doing things quickly, before getting quicker, until most of the quick things are exploding…quickly. 7/10
the subtle, deep space underwear-catalogue intermission

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