Sunday, 3 November 2013

Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 – Sam Raimi – Not exactly a mind numbing progression: more cabin, more Bruce Cambell and more evil spirits. It is, in general, a more frenzied remake of the first, simply with a couple of minor plot alterations that allow for more Bruce-based action. There is a moment in which multiple inanimate objects in the cabin are animated into feverish grips of laughter, from the snarled grin of a deer-head hunting trophy to the nodding exaggeration of a giggle-fit, enacted by an extendable lamp. This hysteria of oddly animated laughter could be said to summarize the film in general: manic, unrelenting and stupid. This time round Raimi trusts in the success of the previous film and wastes no time establishing plot or introductory stabs at atmosphere (i.e. smoke machines and dry ice), it instead launches into a rushed onslaught of evil spirit fighting, while placing a sweaty, red-corn flour soaked, catch phrase attempting, heroic shotgun wielding and chiseled chin parading Bruce more prominently at the film’s centre. 6.8/10

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